Place an Order

To place an order, please call during posted business hours to speak with a Bakery Associate. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have, provide a quote, and confirm pick-up and/or delivery availability.

Please note: We do require a credit card on file to book your order but you may pay how you like when you pick up your order. If you fail to pick up your items on the scheduled day, we will charge your card for the full amount.


I n - S t o r e P i c k - U p

All orders may be picked up during our regular store hours, as early as 9am. Parking downtown can be a drag, so we recommend that you park in the loading zone behind our building if you’re only dropping in for a moment. We’re always happy to carry boxes out to your car and help you load - just ask!

D e l i v e r y

Delivery is available Monday-Friday from 11am - 3pm. Minimum order $30 with 24 hours’ notice. We reserve weekend deliveries for weddings and/or orders over $200.

Downtown (5 blocks or fewer) - $5

< 5 miles - $10

< 10 miles - $15

< 15 miles - $22

15 miles or more - $22 flat rate + $2 per each additional mile

Large deliveries (6+ boxes), day-of deliveries, and those with a specifically requested 30 -minute drop off window may be subject to additional fees on top of mileage.


O u r l o c a t i o n

130 S. Main Street

Greenville, SC 29601