It is our privilege to operate a business in the Greenville community and we’re honored to give back to the organizations and charities that make a difference in our city and the surrounding area. We focus the majority of our giving on organizations that hold a special place in the hearts of our diverse team members – mental health awareness, animal welfare, women’s shelters, and cancer research, to name a few.

We receive hundreds of requests annually, and we carefully review each. While we cannot accommodate every request for a donation, we appreciate your consideration of us, and your understanding of our limitations as a small business. Please read the below options for donations carefully before submitting your request.

Leftover Bakery Item Donation

Our entire menu is baked fresh daily, so anything we have left over at the end of the day is available for donation. While we do make an effort to reduce waste by only baking as much as we think we will sell, we typically have between 1-2 dozen leftover cupcakes and other bakery items remaining when we close. We cannot guarantee the amount of items leftover. You may pick up a donation at the end of the night (please arrive between 5-10 minutes before close), or the following day during business hours. We love when these items go to hospital staff, teachers, and volunteers at your non-profit activities.

Gift Card Donation

We can donate a gift card to the Chocolate Moose for silent auctions and other appropriate fundraisers. The amount is at the discretion of the bakery team, as we have a limited budget for gift card donations monthly.

Custom Donation 

If neither of the above options is appropriate, we may work with you to create a custom donation for your cause. For example, if you place an order for your non-profit organization, we may offer a percentage discount, or match the order with a donation.

Donation Request Form