We’ve decorated sugar cookies for all sorts of events: from baby showers to corporate meetings, holidays to weddings – we can do it all! Each cookie is rolled and cut out, iced and decorated by hand in our on-site kitchen. We use real butter and sugar and never any artificial flavorings or preservatives.


Signature South Carolina cookies: $2.75 each (price includes two contrasting colors and a heart over the location of your choice)

All other orders start at $3.50 each and go up according to size and the level of detail in the design. Handwriting, multiple colors, and other design elements are all considered in the quote we’ll provide. The price quoted always includes individual wrapping for each cookie (to keep it fresh!), but you may indicate if you’d like us to skip the wrapping.

We kindly request a weeks’ notice (from first contact) for custom cookie orders, but the sooner you book your date, the better. Sometimes we book up weeks or months in advance when someone places a large order. While we hate to turn you away, we can only accept a certain amount of orders weekly due to our small kitchen and storage space, and the time it takes to hand-decorate each cookie.

To get the ball rolling on your custom order, send an email to emily@thechocolatemoosesc.com with the following information:

  • The date and time you would like to pick up your order
  • The actual or approximate quantity of cookies you need
  • The type of party or event you’re hosting (birthday, corporate event, etc.)
  • Please include links to or attachments of inspiration pictures – this could be other cookie designs you’ve seen online (our designs or someone else’s), a logo for your company, or an invitation for a wedding or shower. Any details you provide will help us get a better sense of your idea, and we can work together to decide on the right design for your order.

We will get back to you as quickly as possible, but our hands are often busy decorating during the day. Please allow 24-48 hours’ for a response.