There is nothing the South loves more than a good party, and in case you’re not clear – A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE IS AN EXCUSE FOR A PARTY! On a Monday! In the middle of the day! So as you prepare your DIY soiree at home, or head out to one of the many public events happening all over the Upstate, plan to order some Solar Eclipse Cookies to enjoy while you watch one of the greatest celestial events of our lifetime!

Our special edition Eclipse cookies come in two designs – see below for images and pricing details. To order your cookies, call the store at 864-232-2121. Please note that due to volume, we cannot accept orders through e-mail or social media.

South Carolina Cookies

Sugar cookie in the shape of South Carolina, iced in navy blue with an eclipsed sun over Greenville. Can be customized to say either “It’s Dark Y’all!” or “Solar Eclipse 2017.”

Available for special order in any quantity, or in the store starting Friday, in limited quantities. Pre-orders are highly recommended.

Price is $3 each. Each cookie comes individually wrapped in a heat-sealed, cellophane bag.

“Phase” Cookies

Also selling sets of 12 “phase” cookies – a chocolate sugar cookie iced to look like the different phases of the eclipse, as the moon overtakes the sun. Also available in the store, but pre-orders are recommended.

Price is $25 for a set of 12.

Order by calling 864-232-2121.

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